High Ridge Adventures Ultimate Coon Hunt


The HRA Ultimate Coon Hunt is designed to afford every hunter the opportunity to compete in spite of work schedules, weather conditions and disabilities among other factors.  Our hope is that this format will allow more hunters to get into the woods and enjoy their love of hunting with hounds. 

Schedule of Events

Session 1: October 15 - November 14

Session 2: November 14 - December 15

Session 3 : December 15 - January 14

Session 4: January 14 - February 14

Championship Session:

February 14 - End of Season

Draw Weight Pot will Be $5 Per Coon Entered.

Draw Weights will be drawn at the end of each Hunting Period.

Draw Weight Pot will pay 100% of pot to the winner.

Who may participate?

Any person in possession of a North Carolina Hunting License.  Youth hunters from 5 to 16 years of age may participate if hunting with a properly licensed adult.


Period 1: Garmin Alpha w/ 1 Collar

Period 2: Diamond Deluxe Dog Box

Period 3: Garmin Alpha w/ 1 Collar

Period 4: Diamond Deluxe Dog Box

Championship Round:

Garmin Alpha w/ 2 Collars

Diamond Deluxe Dog Box

Dakota Lights "Vertex" w/bump cap

Bad Man "Indestructable" Squaller



Stop By HRA


Call 855-962-4843 Ext. 88 to schedule registration.