HRA Ultimate Coon Hunt

Rules and Regulations


· The WNC Ultimate Coon Hunting Championship will begin 7pm on the first day of the listed session and run until 7 am on the last day of the listed session. 

Session 1: October 14th – November 14th

Session 2: November 14th – December 15th

Session 3: December 15th – January 14th

Session 4: January 14th – February 14th

Championship Round: February 14th – End of Season

Cost per regular (1-4) session will be $30.00 per hunter.

Each hunter will be issued a Hunter ID Number and Hunter Card.

· Each person will be eligible to hunt a maximum of 5 days. The Hunter must declare their hunting day no later than 9:00 p.m. the day before by notifying tournament staff by texting or calling the phone number provided on your Hunter Number Card. 

· The Hunter with the largest 5 – coon aggregate will win that session of the WNC Ultimate Coon Hunt

· Each Hunter is eligible to weigh one coon per declared hunting day.  

· In the event of identical 5-coon aggregate weights, the tie will be broken by the person’s largest coon weighed.

· All coons must be weighed at High Ridge Adventures (HRA) between 7am and 9 am on the morning following the declared Hunting day.


· No checkout is required for this tournament. 

· All coons weighed are subject to freshness testing,

· All hunters are subject to a polygraph at any time during the tournament. 

· Winning Hunters MAY be required to submit to and pass a polygraph test prior to being presented any prize. Failure to submit to a polygraph test automatically revokes all claims to prizes and disqualifies the Hunter from the tournament.  Any participant accused of cheating will be required to submit to and pass a polygraph test at the expense of the person(s) making the accusations

· Hunters MUST provide photo evidence (digital photo) with the tournament issued Hunter numbers included for each coon being weighed. This photo must be taken in the woods after the coon has been harvested. Photo must show the time and date or be sent via text to a tournament coordinator at the time of harvest.

· Same Day Cancellation. You may un-declare a hunting day for whatever reason by 12 noon by phone call or text of the declared hunting day. You may un-declare multiple times due to weather before 7 pm on the declared hunting day.

· Championship Eligibility: A hunter must participate in at least 1 (one) of the session hunts to be eligible for the Championship Round.

· Each Hunter in the Championship Round may declare 4 hunting days and a maximum of 2 coons may be weighed per declared hunting day. Cost for the Championship Round will be $40 per person

Entry Fees Must Be Paid In Cash

All other rules will be the same as the Regular Hunting Sessions.

All State, Federal and Local reuglations governing the taking of wild game shall be obeyed.  Any hunter found in violation of these regulations will be disqualified from that hunt and banned from participation in any future HRA hunting / fishing event.